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403 2008 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 20110326 092 2012hooded crow hooded crowanimaliachordatahooded crow 2728 mars 30 speciesm 35mm 2.8 70s 9th century a. alexandri a. anser a. platyrhynchos abbreviated phal abdomen acid adaptable advanced advanced photo adventure aeridinae agile airbreathing algae allspice alternative americas amniotes among the most intelligent of all animals analog analogue anas anas platyrhynchos anatidae anatinae ancient anemone angiosperms animal animalia animals anser anser anser anseriformes anseriformes family anatidae anserinae anserini ant antenna antennae antique ants aperture aphid aphidoidea aphids apocrita apodiformes apple aquatic aquatic reptile arachnid arachnida araneae archilochus archilochus alexandri architecture armadillidium armadillo bug aroma aromatherapy aromatic art arthropod arthropoda artificial hybrids artiodactyla artistic aschiza asexual asparagales asteraceae asterales asterids astringent astrology astronomical astronomy atmosphere australien aves aware awareness baader baader planetarium ufilter baader u baader ufilter baader ultraviolet venus filter background ballon banded bandpass filters barnacle goose based baader filter beach beak beautiful beauty beer behavior bench berghammar berries berry berrylike bicolored bin bird bird birdwatching birds bitter black black and white black cormorant black garden ant black geese black sea turtle black turtle blackchinned blackchinned hummingbird blackheaded gull blanket bleached bloom blossom blue blue juniper blue mountains blue sky bluesky effect bluesky effectcapture board boat house boatbuilder botanical botany bowl brachycera brahehus brahehus castle braintobody mass branch branta branta leucopsis braviken breeding plumage brick bright brown brown algae brown pelican brown pelican aves bråviken bug build 1640s building buoyant burgundy burgundy snail bush butter buttercup bw c. c. cinclus c. cinclus c. cornix c. cygnus c. mydas c. olor c. ridibundus cafner camera canine canny canon canon mpe 65mm macro lens carl zeiss jena carl zeiss jena 35mm carousel carpenter carving castle celestial cervidae cervinae channel channel mixer channel swap channelswapping infrared charadriiformes cheese cheeselog cheesy bug chelonia chelonia mydas cheloniidae chiggypeg chimney chitinous chitinous exoskeleton chroicocephalus chroicocephalus ridibundus chucky pig cinclus cinclus cinclus circle clay closeup cloudless coastal areas cold colibri college station coloeus colony color colour combining multiple exposures common black ant common blackheaded gull common jumping spider common juniper common merganser common wasp common woodlouse common yellowjacket communication communis composite organism compound compound eyes condiment cone cones conifer coniferous coniferous evergreen tree cooking corbie crow cormorant corvid corvidae corvids corvus corvus cornix corvus monedula cosmetics cosmology cosmopolitan cosmos countryside crater crow crow family crustaceans crustose cryptodira cuisine culinary cultivated culture cupressaceae curious cute cyanobacteria cycle cygnini cygnus cygnus olor d. baccarum d. dama dabbling duck dairy products daisy dama dama dama dangerous danish crow dark dark skies decorative deep deer delicate destructive detail detailed device diaphragm diet digital digital infrared digital ultraviolet full spectrum digital ultravioletfull spectrum dioecious dipper diptera distant dive diving diving duck doe dof dog doggie doggy dogs dolycoris dolycoris baccarum dolycoris baccarum hairy shieldbug domestic domestic dog doodlebug double drakes dreamy driftwood dromopoda dry dusk easter eating ecology edible edible snail eggs elk endangered engraved engraving engravings environment eos epidendroideae equus ferus equus ferus caballus escargot eudicots eupulmonata eurasian jackdaw europe european european dipper european hornet european jackdaw eusocial euthyneura evergreen evergreen needles evergreen ornamental shrub evergreen photo excellent eyesight. t exoskeleton exotic exposure extreme closeup eye eyes f. rufa fairy fallow deer farm fast fastflowing fauna feared fearless feather feathering feathers february feeding feet female contraceptive filmequipment fish fishing bird flakes flavor flektogon flektogon 25mmf4 flektogon 50mmf4 flock flora floral flower flower flies flowerfly flowers flowing fly flying focal focus focus bracket focus stacking foliage foliose folklore food forest formic acid formica formica rufa formicidae blackflies fort fortress fot freeze fresh friend friendly frogs frost frozen fruit fruticose full full moon full spectrum fungus funny fågel garden gardening gardens gastropod gastropoda geese generally migratory genome genus gerbera gerbera daisies gerbera jamesonii germanic poems germini burgundy gin glaucia glow glowing goosander goose graffiti granite granitem granith grass gravity graylag goose great apes and cetaceans great black cormorant great cormorant green green sea turtle green sea turtletestudines green turtle greenflies greenish gregarious grey grey crow greylag goose ground group grown gull göteborg h. pomatia snail happy harlequin spider harvestmen hatch hated head healing healthcare healthy heap heaven helicidae helicinae helicini helicoidea helium helix helix pomatia helmeted guineafowl hemiptera herb herbal herbs heroic saga on the rökstone heterobranchia heteroptera highly specialized filter himmelstalund historical history hoodiecrow hornet horse horse ant horticultural trade horticulture hot mirror house hover hoverflies hoverfly hovering hummingbird hunter hunters hymenoptera i fokus icon illuminated images indoors inelastic infamous infra red filter infrared infrared ir light infrared light infrared photograph infrared photography infrared sensitive infraredsensitive infraröd infrarött filter ingredient inscription insect insecta insecticides insects instrument intelligent invertebrate invertebrates ir ir block ir bw 092 ir spectrum isolated j. communis jackdaw jackdaws jena jonkoping county jump juniper juniper berries juniper needles juniperus juniperus communis juniperus communis berberis junuper tree kashubian kingdom kitchen knight kolibri lake land snail landmark landscape large bird large cormorant black shag large duck large sea turtle large swan laridae larvae leaf leaves leg lens lice lichen light line luna lunar lunar surface lycosidae låg kontrast m. merganser m. serrator macro macro lens makro male males mallard mammal mammalia man manual many mars marsh meadow meats medelhög kvalitet medicine medieval medieval literature merganser merginae mergus mergus merganser mergus serrator middle ages midnight migratory mini gerbera miniature poodle mirror tests mollusca mollusk molts monedula monocots monocrome monument moon moonlight moonscape moth orchid mpe 65 mutisieae mutisioideae myth mythology mölndal narrow band filter national bird of finland natural natural satellite nature navajo nearinfrared nectaring needle needlelike leaves nemorosa nest niger night no people nordic nordirland norse norse mythology northern hemisphere northern ireland norway's national bird numida meleagris nutraceutical object objective ocean oil old house old norse poetry oniscus asellus opilione opiliones optical orb orbit orchid orchidaceae organic organism ornament ornamental ornate ornithology oscine passerine outdoor outdoors p. carbo p. occidentalis pacific green turtle palace pale peach panpulmonata paper paravespula park passeriformes passerine past path payphone pea bug pelecanidae pelecaniformes pelecanus pelecanus occidentalis pelican pentatomidae pentatomoidea pentatomorpha perfumes pest pests pet petal peter bug petroglyph phalacrocoracidae phalacrocorax phalacrocorax carbo phalaenopsis phalangida phase photo exhibit photograph photographer photographic photography pictogram pile pill bug pinales pinophyta pinopsida plant plant lice plantae play ground playground plump poision pollen pollenating pollination pollinators polymorphic poodle popular portrait potato bug powder powerful bills predator prehistoric public public call box public phone pulmonate puppy purple purplebrown ratio recipe red red wood ant redbreasted merganser reflection relic religion reproductive reptile retro rgb rictal bristles rime ripe river robust rock rock carving rocky roll up bug rolypoly roman snail romantic root rosenberg round row ruins ruminant rune rune stone runes runestone runic alphabet runology rök rök runestone s. scenicus salticidae salticus salticus scenicus sapsucking satellite sauces sawbills scandinavia scandinavian scandinavian culture scene scenery scenic science scotch crow sea sea bird sea life seabirds season seasoning seaweed second generation sections seed seed cones segments selenic selfawareness serrator shallow shape sharpest aperture shell shield shieldbug shiny shipwrights shorttailed shot shrub shutter sigmurethra sign siiting jackdow silhouette single moult sitting skans sky skåne 2009 sweden slender sloe bug pentatomidae small bird small pelican smart smell smögen snow snow fall snowing snowy social insect social insects soldier sonstorp southern united states southern wood ant sow bug spa space species spectrum sphere spice spices spoon spring spring early spring stay stendörren stenhammar skans stensjön stone storing stream striped strong feet stronghold stuffings stylommatophora suliformes summer sunflower family sunny super superorganism superorganism teamwork surfacesky sverige swamp swan sweden swedish swim swimming swing sydney symbiotic symbol symbolic syrphid syrphid flies syrphidae syrphinae syrphoidea sälnaberg table tea team technology telephone telephone booth telephone box telephone call box telephone kiosk temperate northern hemisphere terrestrial texas the zebra spider thimbleweed thomas thorax thorn threepart body throat throated tongue tongue cold tool making ability top tourism tradition traditional traditional farmhouse ales traditional medicine trail tranquil transmits from 300nm to 400nm trashcan tree trees trenails trochilidae tropical climate turtle twig tåkern ufilkter ufilter ug1 ug11xx ultra violett filter ultraviolet ultraviolet baader u ultraviolet filter ultraviolet image ultraviolet photography ultraviolet spectrum ultraviolet venus filter ultraviolett filter uncultivated underwater up uppsala usa uv uv bandpass filter uv black 403 filter uv filter uv image uv imagers uv pass uv pass filter uv photography uv spectrum uv world v. crabro v. vulgaris vandeae varinn vattern lake vector vegan venus filter verse vertebrates vespa crabro vespid vespidae vespoidea vespula vespula vulgaris vibrant viking vikings vintage violet visual art visãte västergötland wades walking warning coloration wasplike ancestors water water bird waterbird waterfall waterfowl wave weather webbed fe western jackdaw western united states wetland white white horse whiteflies whitethroated dipper whooper swan wilad wild wild 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